Keratin Matrix
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About Us

Molecular Biologicals

It's a symbiotic relationship. The molecular and biological worlds are united, complementary, and in a fine balance, enlisting hard science and natural resources in the service of transformation, innovation, regeneration, and healing.

Filling an Important, Unmet Need

We are passionate in the continued exploration and discovery of the therapeutic benefits of keratin to treat acute and chronic wounds caused by a host of underlying disease states.

We remain dedicated and tireless in advancing the science of keratin while providing its healing benefits one patient at a time.

Healing Is At Our Core

Founded in 2015, Molecular Biologicals is a biotechnology company that provides prescription-only keratin products for Dermatological, Regenerative and Woundcare markets worldwide. Our company is based on a therapeutic keratin platform developed from years of research and supported by patented proprietary manufacturing and processing technologies.

At Molecular Biologicals, LLC, we believe wholeheartedly in the healing power of nature for treating wounds and skin diseases. With our pharmaceutical-grade keratin products and our passion for helping those who need it most, we demonstrate our commitment to transforming the science of woundcare.

Research and Development

Molecular Biologicals is currently investigating the use of Replicineā„¢ Bioactive Keratin in specific wound types and formulations. We are actively involved in expanding our pipeline of products in high priority access areas with obvious unmet needs, like orphan diseases.

Keroxx, a Flowable Advanced-Wound Matrix comprised of pharmaceutical-grade keratin-enriched proteins containing the active ingredient.

Replicineā„¢ Bioactive Keratin will be available in 2019.